Charlie Puth releases “That’s Hilarious” music video from his upcoming album “Charlie

American singer, songwriter and producer Charlie Puth has dropped the official music video for his newest single “That’s Hilarious.” This song will be featured on his forthcoming album Charlie and is set to be the most emotional personal album yet. “That’s Hilarious” was written by Charlie and co-written by longtime collaborator JKash. The video was directed by Matthew Daniel Siskin and runs for two minutes and 25 seconds. Enough time to really set the scene for this raw emotional song.

Inspired by a breakup, Puth is showcasing his pain from a betrayed point of view. The lyrics portray how he has been hurt by this relationship, feeling like he wasted a year of his life falling in love. In the duration of the video, Charlie is seen sitting at a table in a room with dim lighting single the lyrics:

“You didn’t love me when you had me but now you need me so badly. You can’t be serious, that’s hilarious.”

That’s Hilarious- Charlie Puth

Spinning in circles just like the thoughts in his mind wondering where it all went wrong, Charlie is really emphasizing the hurt he is feeling, but the lyrics sound like he is relieved to not deal with this relationship anymore.

There are two different Charlie’s in the video. One persona shows Charlie smiling to make light of his heartache. It almost seems cynical. Almost mirroring the joker, not wanting to be the villain, but only doing so to protect his heart. His shirt is off, hair is messy and the lights are flashing on and off. In the other persona, Charlie’s hair is slicked back, shirt is on, dim lighting looking calm, reflective and more connected to sadness. Whereas the first persona is connected to making a statement.

Courtesy of American Song Writer.

Charlie is for sure getting the last laugh by turning pain into a hit single, sharing all his videos on TikTok to promote his song and music video to more than 16 million followers.

In one of Charlie’s trending TikTok’s he says,

“I was giving all of myself meanwhile that person was already broken. So, it didn’t matter how much windex I put on the window, the window was already cracked.”

Charlie Puth’s TikTok Video.

This song follows up Charlie’s single “Light Switch”, which is his biggest song to date. Let’s see if “That’s Hilarious” can get to the top of the charts the same way his other songs have.

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