3am’s “Portend” is an Atmospheric Journey

Courtesy of 3am

I started writing Portend when I was having trouble coming up with ideas for a complete track. In those situations I start recording samples and making synth patches but this time I picked up my Ibanez bass. I think I had been listening to Panopticon by Isis and just wanted to make some heavy sounds that evoke a kinda atmosphere or something.

3am on writing “Portend”.

At the core of “Portend,” it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes 3am’s single great. Full of texture due to instrumentation and the distinction of each section, the arrangement feels complex yet never disheveled. Evoking experimental movie track vibes, the song successfully provokes intrigue and introspective thought into the listener’s head. The basis of 3am’s vision was dead set on creating heavy sound while also implementing atmospheric textures into the mix. This is evident from the gnarly synth seen throughout the song, along with organic instruments such as bass and guitar put through a wave of effect pedals. Never settling for the traditional “verse, chorus, verse,” with each listen, the audience will gain a new experience that puts them in a mode of perplexed meditation.

Desolate, heavy, and entrancing, you can find 3am’s Portend here. For more music news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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