Perhaps one of the largest ever medleys of alternative rock voices are singing in unison to answer the Ukrainian call for support. Oakland-based music label COP International Records have compiled a supergroup of talent called Lifeline International to cover The Beatles’ “Come Together.” You can purchase the album for $1 on Bandcamp––all proceeds go to UNICEF. 

The list of contributors is overwhelmingly extensive, featuring over thirty voices from the contemporary alternative rock sector. Among them are members from German Neue Deutsche Härte group Rammstein, Bill Gould of Faith No More, Christopher Hall and Walkter Falkus from Stabbing Westward, and award-winning Ukranian band The Hardkiss.

Check out The Hardkiss on Spotify

“Come Together” was created as a “mission of humanity” aimed to inspire global hope for Ukraine, which continues to face daily death and destruction at the hands of egomania and complete disregard for human life. Covering The Beatles in support of this effort was an idea that germinated from the minds of COP founder Christian Petke and music producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward). Both men are originally from Europe and are steeped in the alternative rock world that made this cocktail project possible.

Petke recalls songs like “We Are the World” and “Do They Know it’s Christmas” as having gained success because of Live Aid concerts which raised millions of dollars. He knows that the immediate success of COP’s “Come Together” collaboration effort and its ability to raise awareness is “only the first step of many.”

Alt. rock community rallies to aid Ukraine with “Come Together”

Indeed both the public response to “Come Together” and the sheer number of artists who wanted to be a part of the project sets an inspiring precedent for future outreach efforts. In fact, despite having COVID, Vocalist Chris Connelly (solo artist/Ministry/Pigface/The Joy Thieves) wanted to be a part of the COP initiative so bad that he recorded and sent in a sample within 24 hours of receiving the instrumental track.

You can hear and buy “Come Together (We Will Stop You)” on Bandcamp, and fans are also encouraged to directly support UNICEF’s efforts in Ukraine

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