Introducing Vice beats: a soulful hip-hop producer from the UK, and the Education and Event Manager for Worplay magazine. Today, Vice beats released “Dare,” an inspirational instrumental track produced in response to a creative slump. The artist climbed his way out with the luck of close interaction with imaginative stimulation, including a personal resonation with Brené Brown.

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A sample from inspirational speaker, Brené Brown, opens the track. She speaks credit to the one who is ‘in the arena,’ holding heightened success despite the outcome, simply because they took a stand in the arena. The sample sets a positive, motivating tone for the instrumental that follows—a trumpet sample, a 4-string jazz bassline, the sound of a peacock from Sri Lanka, and the Breacon Beacons in Wales. The interesting part is that the Brené sample was added towards the end of the production, and truly sets the track with the emotional charge it holds.

Vice beats - Dare cover

Vice beats confirmed that “Dare” is about challenging yourself, representing the push of getting out of your comfort zone. The smooth, jazzy instrumental holds a combination of inner strength and nature, self-development and reflection, ultimately placing nature in the spotlight of inspiration.

“Dare” is available for streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as available as a free download on Bandcamp.


Written by Stephanie Regan

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