Industrial/sludge project [p.u.t.] released a new record called ‘We are (br)others’. The record, released earlier this summer landed in my hands few weeks ago and I have given it few spins before starting the review. The French band, for whom this is the sixth album in their discography, delivers ten songs for fans of bands like Godflesh, Sonic Youth or Unsane.
The album starts with the extremely heavy industrial composition ‘In control’ where the [p.u.t] creates a dense, atmospheric noise with a slow echoing incantation playing the role of the vocals. This song could easily become a soundtrack to a movie by David Lynch. The next track is even more tough to digest (in a positive way) – ‘Nothing’ as it is titled, can be described as a punk version of industrial metal. Both tracks are bringing the similar elements very characteristic for industrial music – electronics and guitar parts sound like put in the loop with all the rhythmic rumble bringing the thought of a fully functioning factory.
‘Oppressed’ is a very interesting track built on top of the catchy, pop-like beat. Bass drumming is accompanied by high hats and synthesizer sounds which reminds me of the pop music from the ’80s. All is seasoned with the repetitive chord of a heavy distorted guitar and robotic vocals. All together this gives a listener a short breath after all the heavy stuff presented in the beginning of the record.
Another interesting track on the record is ‘Angry’. This time band is using a minimal amount of electronic sounds keeping the song in the sludge aesthetic. Vocals are quite clean, processed only with an echo and the whole music base is built around the slow and heavy guitar riff. Electronics out-of-space like sounds are introduced in the short bridge played close to the end of the song.
To sum up, guys from [p.u.t] delivered quite a nice mixture of industrial metal with a small influence of sludge and doom and other minor elements of angry and uncontrolled punk. The music is heavy and dense, as it supposed to be, but for some fans it can be to dense and hard to get through the full record at one sitting.


  • Kasper Pasinski

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