Do you like good music? That sweet soul music? Do you enjoy rolling on the river?  Would you rather hear a gut-busting ballad with a horn section rather than an auto-tuned factory created piece of crap? Well, you have come to the right place friends. I have been spending much of my time listening to funk and soul music lately so I thought I would kick this series off with some great new music. Each week we will feature 3 more albums we think you should be listening to. If you have any suggestions or know any bands we may have missed feel free to shoot us an email:

Black Pumas- Black Pumas


Black Pumas, an Austin Texas collaboration between Grammy-winning guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada and Eric Burton is everything I love about music. I don’t just mean Soul or Blues music…I mean music in general. Just listen to first chords of “Colors”, the moment Burton’s voice hits that microphone the chills overwhelm me.  The album is phenomenal from start to finish and Burton’s beautiful voice reminds me a bit of Curtis Mayfield. Be warned, just because they have a soulful sound, they are by no means a “Retro Act”. They pull elements from various different genres, especially 90’s East Coast Hip Hop. This is a band that will no doubt make a large impact on music in the years to come.


Album Highlights: Colors, Bad Moon Rising, Fire


The Tesky Brothers- Run Home Slow


The Teskey Brothers come to us all the way from Australia but you can tell they have spent much of their lives steeped in American Soul and Blues. Run Home Slow, their sophomore release produced by Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka) is one of those albums that should be played with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. You just want to block out the world and get lost in this beautiful piece of music. Josh Teskey’s voice to me, is at times indistinguishable from the late great Otis Redding. Don’t believe me? Just watch John belt out Rain on A COLORS SHOW below! How can you not be moved by this talented duo of musicians?


Album Highlights: Rain, Man of the Universe, Let Me Let You Down

Galactic- Already Ready Already


This is the tenth studio album from New Orleans based funk masters Galactic. The album, Already Ready Already is sadly, their shortest. The eight-song album totaling just 24 minutes is a wonderful blend of modern dancefloor funk rhythms alongside electronic instrumentation which makes for one hell of a half an hour. The best thing about Galactic is they seem to evolve each time they create new music. With the mentality that, just because something worked once, doesn’t mean they should continue to repeat the past. This time, instead of Macy Gray and Mavis Staples the band chose to highlight the up and coming talents of Princess ShawMiss Charm Taylor, and Erica Falls. 


Album Highlights: Going Straight Crazy, Clap Your Hands, Touch Get Cut



Check back in next week as we reveal three more albums you should probably be listening to.

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