Control Room “Know You” remixes

In a world full of constant noise, sometimes the only refuge available is music. It’s a safe haven for our tired brains and bodies after a long day’s battle with our demons. A warm fluffy pillow we can rest our heads on and drift to a place where beats and tones to are liking rule the land. It’s quite a funny thought, but at the same time comforting because we have an alternate reality to come home to anytime. 

That same cozy and familiar vibe is present in Control Room X LNDN X Xpnsv Taste X Footwurk’s “Know You Remixes” playlist. Which upon listening to it, will give you that intense emotion of being in cloud nine. In fact, it’s so enticing that you might just leave your worries behind, at least for the time being. Released August 5th on Spotify, this short trip to full music bliss is brought to you by none other than Glassefactory. Consisting of the following tracks: “Know You (Footwurk Remix)”, “Know You (Xpnsv Taste Remix) Radio Edit”, and “Know You (Xpnsv Taste Extended Remix), this is a can’t miss dynamic trio that should be part of your daily routine. 

Looking at the tunes up close, this is the handiwork of artists that are currently making waves in electronic music circuit. Though they have their own distinct sound, they join forces and create harmonious bops that’ll get you wondering if this came directly from the party gods themselves. It’s a mix of chill, warm embrace, and that otherworldly open space where you can be anyone or anything you want to be. It’s a breath of fresh air, for a world still in the process of evolution. It’s a necessary timeout to get to “Know You” better and be a tuned to how you feel and what you’re thinking. Not in a meditative manner, but in an informal way just like how you would meet an acquaintance or an old friend in a gathering.

While they all come from the same root, all these remixes have different personalities offering us listeners various treats we can unpack as we dive in. “Know You (Footwurk Remix)” is the energetic one of the bunch, it’s like taking a caffeine boost straight to your system. It’s a quite a shock to the system, but at the same time it also gives that illusion of outer space or being a board, a spaceship going on hyperdrive. “Know You (Xpnsv Taste Remix) Radio Edit” on the other hand has that bounciness to it much like being in a trampoline in a warm summer day. It’s incredibly playful, fun, and just warm to the senses, as if you’re having a get together in your backyard. Whilst “Know You (Xpnsv Taste Extended Remix), has the same qualities as the former. It’s unique unto itself, giving it a more upscale feel to it. Situating us listeners in a gorgeous hotel penthouse somewhere in the city, overlooking the entire skyline. Be warned, the feeling it emits is quite addicting! 

If you can’t enough of these modern-day maestros, you can follow them here for more: 

Control Room – SoundCloud and Instagram

LNDN – SoundCloud and Facebook

Footwurk- SoundCloud and Instagram 

Xpnsv Taste – SoundCloud and Instagram 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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