Summer officially just got even sweeter although it heads toward its blissful end. Thanks to Marshmello X Mae Muller X Trippie Reed’s new song entitled “American Psycho” via Astralwerks. Released last July 29th, this infectious and energetic track tackles what becomes of a broken heart when a relationship is over. The mentally draining thoughts, and experiences that go with it as well as the physical pain it casts upon the individual. It’s pretty much comparable to how a piece of paper is crumpled, uncrumpled and torn to pieces. Brutal yes, but that’s the dark side of love for you.

If we look at “American Psycho” closely, we could see that the narrator or in this instance the character portrayed by Mae Muller is damaged to the core. With the little confidence left in the tank, she uses that to lash out and express those bottled-up emotions. With that, she also wants to clear the air and scream atop of her lungs that she isn’t a psycho. Rather a victim of a toxic partnership that has now led her astray from the path of happiness. She was leading a fine life then, until he came into the picture. He made her fall hard, manipulated, disregarded, and discarded all in that order. 

Like a pair of boxing gloves ready to wallop an unwitting opponent, this comes bundled with a music video that’s classy yet sneaky. Instead of showing blood, or the all-out gore as in the movie “American Psycho”. It chooses to go the more symbolic route, utilizing the color red which could be seen whether through lighting or the backgrounds themselves. To show the haziness and mind breaking down, they use a white room filled with black scribbles. As if saying that a pure mind or person has now been tainted because of an abusive love. But what is so striking in all this is that in between all the agony on screen, there are snippets wherein we see Mae Muller in a white room with flowers on her side. While it may just be that to some, it could also mean that there is still hope. Even when in the lowest points of your existence, there’s still that opportunity to get up and recover. Like every flower on this planet, you too could blossom amidst the suffering you’re experiencing. All you need is time to recover and let that label of “American Psycho” peel off like a wet sticker. 

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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