American psychedelic garage-rock band Osees recently released their latest LP A Foul Form via Castle Face Records. Out now everywhere, A Foul Form is not for the faint of heart––“It’s definitely a wild one,” Osees told Glasse Factory. Making good use of what can only be described as that heavy metal din, A Foul Form doesn’t let up in many places, denying its listener that breath of fresh air. Some tracks like “Social Butt” forgo a musical intro entirely, while others like “A Burden Snared” kick off on a literal high note: the raging whistle of an old neglected tea kettle, boiling implacably.

But as far as nihilistic albums of the contemporary go, Osees have undoubtedly made a credible contribution with A Foul Form. The track list, read off in succession, is a blatant aggression toward the state of the living in these dejected times. A group of heavy metal Hamlets, Osees hold an animated skull up to the world and allow its words to speak for them. In the music video for the album’s first track “Funeral Solution,” the face of lead singer John Dwyer contorts, eventually coming to resemble the th LP’s cranial mascot. 

“Funeral Solution” music video

“What the fuck is going on?” This is not a question I pose to you, dear reader, as it is unlikely that anyone has a steadfast answer. But whether the nature of the question is truly rhetorical or not is up to Osees, who ask it of their listener right off the bat. Seeming to answer its own choral inquiry, “Funeral Solution” suggests that perhaps death and decay are the only answers to the state of current affairs. How very bleak, indeed.

The rest of A Foul Form doesn’t stray far from these incendiary thematics:

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Titular track “A Foul Form” comes fourth on the LP. Here, Osees introduce some of the psychedelic experimentation they’re known for (check out Panther Rotate to listen to the true breadth of these guys’ musical intelligence). About midway through “A Foul Form,” which up until this point is a fairly standard as far as heavy rock stuff goes, Osees introduce the delinquent sound of what can only be described as glass sliding up and down a fretboard with raging abandon. As unpleasant as that might seem, however, it actually sort of works amidst the apocalyptic brouhaha that A Foul Form has cultivated thus far. 

Clocking in at just under two minutes, the visceral track is mesmerizing and hypnotic, demanding your full attention for its entirety. ‘A Foul Form’ begins and ends with an unrelenting guitar that speaks to its true punk rock nature, walking the fine line between control and chaos.

Consequence of Sound

Other notable tracks are “Scum Show,” on which heavy-handed guitar somehow both compliments and contends with the track’s impressive drum work. Here too the listener may understand better Osees’ musical mission on the LP: in Dwyer’s own words, to create “Brain stem-cracking scum punk.” And if “Fucking Kill Me” doesn’t get the message across clearly enough, closing track “Sacrifice” throws these errant musings into Osees’ own hands. Only two seconds over a minute, “Sacrifice” is the shortest song on A Foul Form. Perhaps an ode to, or just observation of, the quickness of a life, “Sacrifice” is a hard-fought final track that ends just as abruptly as a life can be taken away. 

The band, courtesy of Osees

Dissenting from their usual studio efforts, Osees recorded A Foul Form in the basement of John Dwyer’s home. In many ways, that fact alone speaks to what these guys were trying to accomplish with their latest LP; to pay “homage to the punk bands we grew up on,” say Dwyer, “The weirdos and art freaks that piqued our interests and pointed us on the trail head to here and now.” 

Osees are currently on tour, heading to Los Angeles in just a few days where they’ll be playing with the Zig Zags and DJ Gregg Turkington. Then it’s off to San Francisco and the rest of the country. You can find more information about the tuor and buy tickets on their websiteA Foul Form is out now for your listening on all platforms, and you can stay connected with the band on YouTube and Bandcamp.


Tue, Aug 23 – Los Angeles, CA – Benefit Show at 1720 %

Friday, August 26 – Honolulu, HI – The Republik

Mon, Sept 5 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel ^*

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Sat, Sept 24 – Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw *

Mon, Sept 26 – Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer *

Tue, Sept 27 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle *

Wed, Sept 28 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse *

Fri, Sept 30 – Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas *

Mon, Oct 3 – Albuquerque, NM – Sister Bar *

Thursday, 10/27 – Hotel Vegas w/ Tear Dungeon – LEVITATION 2022

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Sunday, 10/30 – Hotel Vegas w/ Amplified Heat – LEVITATION 2022

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