Citizen Snips’ ‘Like A Liar’ Is A True Gem

There’s this longtime saying that goes “Liar liar, pants on fire”. Suggesting that if you’ve engaged in a habit of consistently weaving lies (aka liar), your lower garment would “burn” leaving you embarrassed. It’s a cool thing that we’d love to see but unfortunately that’s not how the world works. Rather the more appropriate realistic scenario here is “liar liar, hearts on fire”. A bit weird eh?but believe it or not the act of not telling the truth is a by product of love.

This isn’t to say that love is ‘evil’, rather it highlights that it has a dark side too. Case in point, people willfully engaging in spewing constant fallacies just to get the person they covet, or in some instances keep them on their side. It’s an ultimate twisted game of charades played in a dark room. This same imagery and energy are conveyed in Citizen Snips’ latest song entitled “Like A Liar”. Released last February 10th in streaming platforms everywhere, it tells of a chance encounter with a temptress named Diane. Who apparently is more than just what she’s leading on to be. Perhaps a blood sucking monster? Cheater? Who knows exactly.

Regardless of what Diane is hiding, what’s startling is that even though there exists the feeling of being lied to. The person entangled in her webs is still immensely attracted to her, “Oh let me be a wreck just a little bit longer. You know I’ll be myself in a moment or two.”. Sweet to a point and utterly romantic, but could very well be the last words of someone about to slip off the edge of sanity. Furthermore, there’s no recovery from this deadly slide because Diane “You (Diane) won’t let the sun come up”.

While Citizen Snips’ “Like A Liar” explores the shadowy shady part of love. Musically speaking, it’s a reminder of tunes from the 80s. In fact, while listening to it one can’t help but be transported to that colorful era. From the vocals, instrumentation, beats, and rhythm, “Like A Liar” provides us the necessary escape from the troubling times we live in. It’s a tune we can close our eyes to, and let our minds constantly wander without restrictions. Not necessarily in the realm of love and in the arms of Diane, but to somewhere you’re comfortable with – that’s up to you.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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