“It Is What It Is” in Jamie Miller’s New Single Out Now!

On April 29, Jamie Miller released the upbeat “It Is What It Is” that’s arguably the song of the summer. From his latest EP “Broken Memories” also released on April 29, Miller curated the perfect song for a windows-down drive past the coast with the sun shining. 

Born and raised in Wales, Jamie’s early musical inspiration is attributed to gospel and soul, fostered by his parents before moving towards more modern inspirations such as Bruno Mars and Sam Smith. However, Miller shied away from performing until 18 when he moved to London and performed on UK broadcast television. Eventually moving to Los Angeles, Miller is now based there and has amassed over 480 million global streams, among other accomplishments. 

“It Is What It Is” is a song about the ups and downs of a relationship. A relationship is full of hard decisions, but this is the tale of a type of relationship full of late nights and white lies. The feeling of having a partner that is “heaven-sent” but eventually not caring if you never see them again. The entire title of the song sums up the feeling of the “It Is What It Is” that comes with this demise and the motto one has to have to move on to cope sometimes. 

Accompanied by a music video via YouTube, the video shows Miller with friends driving along the coast and features a polaroid with the recurring date “August 11, 2020”. The polaroids feature a blurred figure next to Jamie and can only be assumed to be his love interest the song is about. While this is clearly talking about the inevitable ending of a relationship, the video showcases the song of the summer vibe this song has at the same time. 

Listen to Jamie Miller’s “It Is What It Is” and the new EP “Broken Memories” out now!

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