Carmen Deleon Shares “Mala Memoria” With New Video

Venezuela-born Latin-pop artist, Carmen Deleon, displays agonizing contradiction in her new single and corresponding video “Mala Memoria” (bad memory), released through Capitol Records and Universal Music Latin Entertainment. The track buzzed throughout the globe and made its way to our screens through JA Moreno’s directive eye, in her moving cinematic performance. It is clear that Deleon is a natural talent among her tempestuous vocal range and dynamic mix of rhythmic percussion, pulling from the sounds of each of her hometowns. She knows how to get you out of your seat but also reminds you to emote and let it all out on the table.

Working alongside Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, “Mala Memoria” became authentic in its confusion, representative of who Carmen Deleon is and how she thinks. As it’s so painfully prevalent, relationships are shape-shifters, one minute they’re lively and beautiful and the next minute they suck the life out of you–but for some reason they’re still intoxicating. Deleon vulnerably reads from her own script, her own struggle with the teetering emotions of instability and debilitating self-awareness and reminds us that sometimes it is best to finish what was started.

Deleon says, “‘Mala Memoria’ is about that type of relationship that is very intense, that you feel you can still fight for. Forgetting the stuff that is bad and seeing the possibility of living to make new, good memories.” Eloquently, Deleon tampers with the questionable aspects of letting go, closing the door, only to begin longing for that feeling again. After a battle of perplexing doubt, Deleon’s smooth balladry sends heatwaves of certainty amid the lines of “Tú y yo tú y yo/Tenemos una cosa pendiente,” giving substance to her articulation.

Deleon’s ability to layer regret, revision, and redemption into a track that optimistically pulses through your veins is exceptional in every way. If her digital impression is something worth listening to then her stage presence will become an experience all on its own. To see for yourself, checkout where Carmen Deleon is headed below.

Riverland Fest in Cangas de Onis, Spain- July 14

Ruido Fest in Chicago, IL- August 19

Coca-Cola Flow Fest in Mexico City- November 26

Listen to “Mala Memoira” here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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