Rain City Drive Releases The Reflective “Dying For” Building Forthcoming Album

As a parallel to their post-hardcore eclecticism, Rain City Drive extracts the importance of their surroundings to create music for more than just heartache and breakups. After changing their band name in 2021, in solidarity with the nationwide civil unrest, the group began to adopt a new narrative, one that will fester inside our minds for a very long time. Even for those who are not of the “deep-dyed-alternative rock” enthusiasts group, there is no doubt in saying that their new single “Dying For” is anything other than lyrically engaging.

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As a newly added stone to their forthcoming, self-titled album Rain City Drive dropping July 15th, “Dying For” writes a new ending for the inevitable. In a statement about the track, the band revealed that, “Dying For is about living a purpose-driven life so you can face mortality bravely. In short, it’s about living a life that’s worth dying for.” By keeping the reverent afterlife in the shadows, “Dying For” was able to amount to the impressionable mountain the band has built for themselves.

Its easy to get stuck in the dizzying wheel of expected versus desired and after decades of nausea that wheel will catapults us to the finish line, tarnished in regret. In the brief moments before the end, we will look back on what we’ve done, what we’ve said, and what we’ve been living for, only to learn that we’ve been striving for the unwanted. On the contrary, “Dying For” is not about divine intervention, rather shutting down the noise to project our own. Leaving the fear and doubt at a rest-stop to put our own needs in the passenger seat.

Watch “Dying For” visualizer here.

“Dying For” emulates opportunity, growth, and questioning intuition, where every line exudes with analysis of the self. In a posh-pitched voice “I hope you captured/The dream you were after/If this ain’t the rapture/I’m asking you/Was your life worth dying for?” steps bluntly ahead of its potent instrumentals, asking the questions that are vital to our happiness. Rain City Drive revamps the cliche of “you only live once,” deletes the impulse, and lets you breathe. In the end, do we really want to be sifting through the good and the bad, or do we want to just calmly reflect of what was done?

Catch Real City Drive live on SiriusXM Octane’s Remade In Misery Tour alongside Memphis May Fire, From Ashes To New, and Wolves At The Gate. Find more information here.

Pre-order their upcoming album here and stream “Dying For” here, now out on all streaming platforms!

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