Brace Yourself For AICK’s ‘Tears’

Tears are secretions from our body that either express extreme sadness or joy. A visible sign that we have the capacity to feel and break down, tears make us human. Imperfect by design, we are vulnerable to being hurt, let down and of course frustrations. Is it a curse? Some may think so. But in a way, it’s what makes life worth living. Through tears and pain, we get to know beauty and what it means to feel great. We experience the cellar, so that we fully appreciate the process of finally moving into the pent house.

Sadness and tears as part of the human condition is felt in Danish alternative pop duo AICK’s latest song ‘Tears’. Released April 22nd in all major streaming platforms. AICK’s ‘Tears’ is a track that mourns the death of a relationship. A funeral of sorts, it serves as a monologue for the ghost of relationship past. Could also be for the ex lover, but unfortunately not all of them stay and listen.

A bullet straight to the heart of those who were scorned. This tale of despair and melancholy is conveyed perfectly with AICK’s angelic and haunting vocals matched up with dreamy instrumentals. Without being too specific or TMI, we get a grasp of the damage that was endured. All the lies, manipulation, deserting, are in full display for everyone to see. Museum or a shrine built for heartache, this is a surrendering to the thought of them getting back together. At this point, tears are no longer falling because they’re too tired to feel.

While AICK’s ‘Tears’ contain an almost lethal dose of heavy emotions. It’s also a tune that provides hope to audiences that there’s a better tomorrow waiting amidst all the mess. Much like rain, there comes a time that everything negative will be washed away. In its place a better and happier you. Now that’s something to tear about, tears of joy that is.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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