A Permanent Goodbye In L3THVL’s ‘Forget You’

To forget is never easy. Whether it’s a person, an event, or a place that brought us shame or pain. Getting ‘rid’ of it takes a lot of courage, strength and maturity. Unfortunately or fortunately for us, depending on who you ask. We lack the internal workings of a computer that’s quick to delete an unwanted entry and straight into the recycling bin.

This desire to erase someone out of their system is felt in eager fashion in South Bronx singer/ songwriter L3THVL. Released last April 25th in all major streaming platforms via Plug Nation Music. This entry from L3THVL rocks us to the core about how we shouldn’t dwell on our exes too much. Most specially if they’re the toxic type. These past flames should be put out before they completely burn down the halls of your sanity.

A prisoner of their memories for the longest time. L3THVL reminds us that the longer they stick around lingering in your head is tantamount to them poisoning you. With a voice that’s fresh and preppy. Laced with lush instrumentals, beats and rhythms that light up every room in a jiffy. L3THVL also plays the role of a friend egging us on to drop them because you’re better off without them.

While forgetting completely is a tall order, L3THVL’s ‘Forget You’ tries its best to make moving on fun. It’s excites us about the prospect of having a fresh new start and new look at the world. Single, with loved ones or entirely someone new, L3THVL wants us to know that a break up isn’t the apocalypse. Much like where he comes from, it’s just another subway ride to a better version of you.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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