With Black Pumas soon to begin the second part of their critically sought after U.S. tour, their holiday single “Christmas Will Really Be Christmas (Lou Rawls Cover)” has been released everywhere for anyone to get their hands on. Previously, the track was only accessible through Spotify Holiday Singles, but this has now been changed since November 16th.

Black Pumas is a widely acclaimed duo composed of Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada. In only a few years, Black Pumas has been GRAMMY nominated, and has made a multitude of different performances, their biggest being performances of their single “Colors” at the GrammysPresident Biden’s official 2021 Inauguration and the NFL Draft. They will begin tour again starting on December 4th, which tickets and locations for upcoming shows can be found here.

“A Christmas song isn’t exactly something that we set out to do, but this Lou Rawls song is amazing. It was produced by one of my favorite arrangers and producers, David Axelrod. On that side of it I was drawn to it initially and I confirmed with Eric. I think we were both attracted to the message too, it touches on a message that I think is poignant to today’s times, that Christmas isn’t really Christmas until everyone has peace and happiness.”

~ Adrian Quesada (Producer/bandleader)

“Christmas Will Really Be Christmas (Lou Rawls Cover)” is an incredibly fun listen. The track is full of spirit and contains the perfect sound to get just about anyone in the holiday mood. Black Pumas puts an emphasis on happiness, and how important such an emotion is during this season. Certain lines in particular, such as “so let’s all keep hoping in pain and doubt, the time will soon be coming where Christmas will really be Christmas, and the whole world will smile again,” give truth that no holiday can be experienced in its fullest without the presence of happiness.

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