Finnish doom band, INFIRMIUM, sets the scene with their latest single, “The Great Unknown,” paired with a music video to match the mood of impending darkness. The single is the title track to their latest EP, which was released in September of this year.

Formed in 2019, the project saw its rise in a creative spark from guitarist Timo Solonen. Now transitioned from a solo project to a full project, (Anna Rose: Vocals; Taka Eliel: Growls; Timo Solonen: Guitars; Sammy Anttonen: Guitars; Erna Siikavirta: Keyboards; Joonas Siikavirta: Bass;  Cello: Teemu Mastovaara, Violin: Paula Gherasim, Drums: Juuso Raatikainen and Bass Johannes Tolonen) the band is further developing a sound that mirrors the greats of the heavy metal world, all while shaping a unique signature of their own. They plan to begin touring in 2022, should the world allow it to occur.

A darkly symphonic production, “The Great Unknown” creates a scene that unfolds before us with a classical string intro, easing us into the heavier tones with drums that hit to the core before a growl of vocals from Taka Eliel pour in and bring in an impending sense of doom in the story they weave.

In the seven minute production, the artists take us along in their journey through a pairing music video of shadowed hues of blue hour as a building slowly burns to the ground, filling the forest surrounding our characters with clouds of fog. The band’s female vocalist, Anna Rose, offers an angelic presence, contrasting the environment with immersive vocals that further grip you in to listening. The track hits its climax at around 5 minutes, where the low, growling vocals are exchanged for the high screams. “Take me,” they call out into the darkness.

Then the outro begins, offering a poetic escape with strings taking the forefront in harmony with a consistent strum of the electric guitar. Gritty vocals are spoken out to offer us a conclusion before the music fades. Anna then takes off the mask she had been wearing throughout the video, and gazes into the camera forebodingly.

Watch the music video below, and stream the single, available on all platforms:

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