Last November 5th, electro maestro Whethan released the song “2 MUCH”. Available in music streaming platforms everywhere, this track boasts a dose of reality encapsulated in a mesmerizing danceable beat. Building his legend as an in-demand collaborator working with young titans of music such as RL Grime, Ugly God, Jeremih, The Knocks, and Wafia to name a few. He continues this with this ear candy, this time featuring hip hop’s rising mega stars Jasaih and Ka$hdami breathing fire on this suave track. This also includes an 8-bit inspired visualizer that will surely captivate every retro gamer out there. Beautifully energetic, classy, and yet so trendy are just some of the words to describe the video. Pixel strong in all it’s 8 bit glory, this video is a perfect representation of the artists themselves. Whether audio or visual, these are parts and parcels of his second single from his upcoming hyperpop/hip-hop mixtape featuring artists such as Glaive, Ericdoa, Midwxst, Aldn, Matt Ox and Slump6s. Being the consummate collaborator that he is, this was co-produced by Aldn (Midxwst) and Lunamatic (Glaive).

A bonafide hit maker on his own right, his debut album entitled “Fantasy” has received critical praise everywhere. Fans loved it, and so did publications such as Dancing Astronaut,, This Song Is Sick, Magnetic Magazine, Atwood Magazine and the list goes on. For a debut album to receive this much adoration speaks of greatness, but for it to be labeled as one of 2020’s most revolutionary and important music releases is quite a legendary feat. The accolades don’t stop there, because he also joined forces with his long-time friend Oliver Tree and there produced 5 of his songs in his debut album “Ugly Is Beautiful” which top charted 2020 as well. 

Image Courtesy of BigBeat

Image Courtesy of BigBeat

A train coming at you at high speed, he’s transcended recordings and has also found success in the live scene. Just as he does in his records, he has managed to capture the hearts and tickle the earbuds of legions of audiences in events such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Billboard Top 100 Music Festival, Outside Lands, SXSW, and Electric Daisy Carnival and more. For every stage, he never ceased to wow and unleash his contagious creativity. 

Image Courtesy of FourOverFour

With all these and so much more, tours, albums, and all. It’s easy to say that “2 MUCH”, will captivate all of us and have us dancing till we drop till next year. So go stand up and unleash those dance moves because this is “2 MUCH” to take sitting down. 

To listen to “2 MUCH” in all platforms, feel free to click this link.

Hungry for more? To get the latest information on his tour, and all things Whethan visit his official site here.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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