BANKS Sets San Francisco Ablaze Performing Her SERPENTINA Tour at The Masonic Auditorium

On the 10th of August, the “Begging For Thread” singer has returned to San Francisco to celebrate the final part of her Serpentina tour at “one of [her] favorite cities, and […] favorite venues.”. The last time she visited my beautiful home city was for her previous tour III in late 2019. This time she returns with a brand-new image and a musical renaissance through her very personal album, Serpentina. And let me tell you, things got HOT on stage. But pssssh let’s not skip ahead now.

Arriving at the stunning venue, I was instantly in awe of the unique architecture and the imposing stained-glass windows awaiting you at the entrance of The Masonic Auditorium. No wonder BANKS later referred to it as her fav venue. I was greeted by a smooth, jazzy voice that carried out the building and instantly drew you in. As I entered the concert hall I saw Samoht singing his heart out into a bouquet of roses. The sight combined with the seductive vocals had something sensual. At this point, I knew the night was going to be FIRE. Shortly after he left the stage, Cuban/American songstress Lauren Jauregui filled the stage with her immense presence and a duo of contemporary dancers. She teased her new EP that just dropped and raised the temperature in the audience with her sexy overall performance and divine feminine energy that radiated throughout her vulnerable lyric about past lovers, accepting yourself, and new romances. When the last notes of Lauren’s song danced over the crowd, the audience was left thirsty af and chanting for Jillian Rose Banks to take the stage.

My dear readers, believe me when I tell you that the opening act was giving everything I had hoped for. I was surprised to see a different and new type of stage fit compared to the spicy leather ensembles I saw on Insta gram. She shone on stage in velvet pants, a sparkly bandeau, and a leather vest combo. Out of the darkness, BANKS emerges on stage, flanked by two female acrobatic dancers in full black, opaque net leotards and face coverings. The beat to “Misunderstood” booms through the hall and the main act begins. The crowd goes crazy. Right from the very first note coming out of her voice you can feel the sheer energy with which she performs resonating in your body. I have never been to any of BANKS’s concerts before and man I have been missing out. I was hypnotized, captivated, and speechless. Song after song the audience was hanging at her every word and singing their lungs out until everything became a beautiful cacophony of passion and music. My absolute highlight of the evening was her performance of my favorite song “The Devil” which was dramatically set in the scene with red lighting casting deep shadows along her beautiful face. The chorus was performed with wild, almost tantric headbanging sessions to the pulsing beat. It was strange and ecstatic. People all around me started swaying their hips, entranced by the rhythmic chords. During her little water breaks, BANKS used the time to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Between joking about hydration and taking sips out of her bottle she reveals:

“Sometimes when I write songs I feel like I’m writing in a cave and those are songs that I don’t ever want to sing live. And there are songs people connected with and they asked why I wouldn’t…  I said I don’t know…” then she shared… “well, I am going to play one of those now.”


She proceeds to play the most heart-pulling version of “Someone New.

The show ended way too fast, and it seemed like it’d only been a minute ago that she had made her epic entrance. As a last homage to her fans and the song that launched her career so many years ago BANKS performed “Begging For Thread” as her encore. Legit there couldn’t have been a better end for the night. Although slightly overplayed and out-of-style with her current work, “Begging For Thread” was like a reunion with your old college friends. It was the pinnacle of the show, the highlight that combined all the passion only hard-core fans can give with the energy of a project X-styled party. You could tell that BANKS was living for these moments as she was beaming from ear to ear and left the stage with the aura of a proud, accomplished artist.

German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!
German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!

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