Jillian Banks, the goddess of dark pop, has been in a process of constantly creating since the release of III, her third full album. She seems to always be writing, drawing, and forming new songs out of thin air.

Earlier this year, she has released a book of lyrics and poetry, filled with beautifully written and inspiring works of art. “Generations of Women from the Moon,” opens up her creative world in new ways as she spreads out words of love and positivity aimed to build up women and girls around the world.

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She has continuously opened her heart out to everyone who will listen. In live performances, she sings soothingly, holding her audience carefully in her hands and nurtures them to blossom. Every time I have heard her music, watched her performances, or read her words, I am filled with inspiration to keep creating, no matter the surroundings.

Trickled out one by one through YouTube and social media platforms this week, BANKS released live, single takes of previously released music. Acoustic, stripped, and raw, Jillian’s voice shines in its truest form while a guitar strums and soft beats play in the background.  

In October last year, BANKS performed live at the Masonic, teasing the bridge of her acoustic version of “Contaminated.” Her insane vocal talent is one to be witnessed in person. The emotion she holds in her words and creates in every performance brings tears to the eyes and also fills the empty and broken overflowing. Paired with skilled and planned choreography, each performance on her tours feels individualized and on-of-a-kind. View the live article of her performance here.

This Friday, the full EP, adding up to four songs, was released on all streaming platforms. The acoustic versions spread throughout the last two full length albums, breathing a new life into each song.

“Contaminated,” “If We Were Made of Water,” and “Stroke” are still relatively new and exciting, still, since III was only released in the middle of last year. However, the new versions of these songs are sending me back to the full album on a listening streak. Her silky voice and ear for a catchy beat entrance and ease my soul.

“Drowning,” previously on her album Goddess, has always felt like a more vulnerable song, despite the upbeat feel the tune gives at first glance. And that’s the magic of BANKS. The beats make you feel like dancing. Observe the lyrics and you’ll feel stripped down to the most vulnerable and private corners of your mind.

“I think people are most beautiful in their rawest form, and sometimes the same goes for music,” BANKS commented. “I am so happy you guys can get to know me a little better by hearing songs like these.”

view: Drowning & If We Were Made of Water


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