As we spend another week locked up in the comfort of our homes, Swedish metal band, Avatar, have provided us with an unforgettable livestream experience in their series titled, “Avatar Ages.” Last Saturday, January 23rd, the band presented the third night of the event. “Age of Madness” offered a curated experience of chaos and insanity.

The “Age of Madness” streaming event involved the slow descent into chaos and terror. Each member of Avatar provided a theatrical performance filled with choreographed steps, headbanging, and swinging of the instruments to the heavy beats.

In the previous event, the vocalist, Johannes Eckerström, showcased his theatrical clean vocals. This stream, however, displayed his range of skillfully performed unclean vocals. One moment he is screeing like a wild man, then the next his low vocals beat heavily through the soul. His wide range of skill was shown off unlike any other performance to date, taking this performance to the next level with not only the vocals, but acting the part of someone who is fully and entirely mad.

Throughout the event, much like in the previous two streams, “Age of Dreams,” and “Age of Illusions,” this stream offered a choreographed performance of their songs. However, “The Age of Madness,” was on another level; topping the other two streams in its overall act.

During an interlude of the stream, the band took a moment to thank their audience in the way that fit the characters they portrayed. “Thank you all for joining us from the interwebs,” Eckerstrom commented. “We give you madness…And madness, it might just be the cure to when the world goes mad; it is madness. We can’t be together yet. We are making art here, but this is just the outlines, You bring the brushes, you color in between the lines and paint us. I need you to paint me again. Promise me one day that you will PAINT ME!!”

Stay tuned to the finale of Avatar’s streaming event, this Saturday, January 30th, at noon Pacific Time. Tickets are available for purchase here. In the meantime, be sure to listen to the band’s latest album, Hunter Gatherer, available on all streaming platforms.

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