AVATAR Perform at the Historic Fillmore Theater for “Dance Devil Dance” Tour

The greatest metal circus on the planet, AVATAR, takes The Fillmore for their latest run on tour celebrating the release of their latest album, Dance Devil Dance. We joined in on the madness on Cinco de Mayo to witness some of the most entertaining theatrics metal music has yet to show us.

The night began with a dim of the stage lights as fog tumbled on the stage. In dramatic effect, instrumentals swelled in to compliment the theatrics that were in play. The drummer then took the stage, back lit with a pale white light, and posed for the audience, who whooped and hollered at his appearance. Then in unison, the remaining band members fabricated themselves through the curtains as fog swelled around their forms.

The night had just begun.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…” lead vocalist called out to the crowd after their introduction.

All the way from another country to take away your women and your jobs… we are AVATAR. And we are going to have some fun. I can’t believe it’s still legal to make you feel the way that we will make you feel tonight… we are going to try things with our bodies that may feel a bit uncomfortable at first… but as long as I have your consent…But know there’s no safe word. Get ready to go ape sh*t crazy!

From that moment on, we were transfixed, unable to look away as we were sucked into the experience, becoming something more than just members in the audience. We were another voice, another form and instrument that they played as if we were puppets on strings. On queue, we yell, we moved and swirled as one and even those in the back row were pulled in to witness and to become.

Older couples slow danced in quieter moments, the front row grinned ear to ear, faces painted to match the band. And it was worth noting that nearly every member in the crowd wore merchandise from the band, so much so that if you didn’t, you yourself stood out. And as the guitarists shook their heads, even those in the back of the crowd joined in. No soul was still in the madness that ensued.

As AVATAR left the stage before the end of the night, the crowd screamed their name, as they didn’t want the night to end. We were transfixed. The show must go on… it must not end.

Stay tuned for more updates on AVATAR, and get your tickets to the remaining tour dates here!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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