We hope these songs cheer up the atmosphere as you start off a new week.

“Kids Stay High,” by Ice Plant: With the music video filmed in isolation, it blends in the track’s meaning in seeking out natural highs. This hip hop track is perfect to start off the week as it discusses challenges in finding a natural way to release and find reprieve.

“Fall,” by Stephenamj: Released just over a week ago, this electro pop dives into some R&B vibes in the intro and lures its listeners in with its catchy beat and unique vocals.

“Bittersweet,” by Kaeley Jade: This sweet indie pop song captures the soul in memories of love lost. With her debut EP freshly released, this song is just a little country and pop and it will leave you hoping for love again.

“Coaster,” by Hush Empire: Continuing with an upbeat tone, this track is perfect for beginning your morning as the sunrise pours in through the window of your room and wake to its warmth on your skin. Rather than being let down by another day in isolation and quarantine, this song chooses to focus on the positives and conquer what the day has to offer.

“R&R,” by Sketchdoll: This London-based band blends a little classic rock and electro pop. This single is going to be a part of their debut album and is a bright addition to start off the week.

“T.I.K,” by Valleyheart: This alternative rock song switches up the mood and dives into the psyche, and contemplates human behavior and the paradoxes in different trains of thought.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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