Art d’Ecco ‘After The Head Rush’ LP Out June 24 via Paper Bag Records

Folks, it’s official! The long wait is finally over, time to get into our flip flops and jump into our comfy wear. Summer is now upon us which means we could party all day long with no inhibitions. Whether that means doing it on your lonesome or in a group, it’s all fine. The important thing here is we’re all having a great time. 

Speaking of letting our hair down (regardless of length) and shaking our tail feathers, there’s an upcoming album from Canadian glam/ art- rock songwriter and producer extraordinaire Art d’Ecco that’ll be unleashed in a few days as we speak. Entitled “After The Head Rush”, this bundle of fire and energy is set to release June 24th via Paper Bag Records. Just in time for all the adventures we might partake in. Dare we say that it could very well be the official soundtrack of sunny season 2022. Bold statement yes but based on the samplers Art d’Ecco shared such as “Midlife Crisis”, “Only Ones”, and “Palm Slave”. We are assured that we are in for an amazing ride. 

As for record itself, it boasts of 10 tracks which consists of the following: “Palm Slave”, “I Was A Teenager”, “Only Ones”, “Until The Sun Comes Up”, “Midlife Crisis”, “Get Loose”, “Run Away”, “SAD Disco Light” and “After The Head Rush”. All of which a reflection according to Art d’Ecco of himself returning home after 2 decades before all this glitz and glamour. Contemplating in silence of his inner hearts and minds the questions: “are you happy?”, “is life everything you hoped and dreamed it would be?”. Pretty deep yes but coming from a genuine soul such as himself, this a given because for him music is an expression of the soul. Not just empty words put into tones that head somewhere or nowhere. A true artist in every sense of the word, we can clearly see that he is befitting of the name Art d’Ecco. A beloved visual movement that prides itself for being harmonious, geometric, uncomplicated yet very expressive. 

As we lay in waiting for this one, we can experience him live in the following dates and venues:

Image Courtesy Of Art d’Ecco

So, take note of them and clear up those schedules if you can. While you’re at it, you can grab tickets through this link.

With all things going on in our world nowadays, it’s so refreshing to see people like Art d’Ecco emerge and let his presence be known to all of us. He’s that simple reminder that good still exists in this little planet we call earth. 

Need more Art d’Ecco in your life? If so, then head on over to his official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, accounts to have a rocking awesome time!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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