Gov Ball 2022: The Complete Summary

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Much like all good things in life, 2022’s Governors Ball eventually had to come to an end. A hectic three days in the making, everything about the festival screamed in-your-face fun. At times overwhelming, with everything happening altogether, the escape from normalcy was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that would leave you wanting more. Packed full of music, endorphins, and community, this examination of the three-day event will provide a glimpse at the high’s Gov Ball had to offer.

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Comparative to other years the festival was held, 2022’s line-up primarily focused on artists whose genres aligned with hip-hop and electronic influences. Kid Cudi, Halsey, and J Cole, Headlined this year, and while much energy and devotion were centered on these artists by fans, it was the smaller more established acts that garnered the most craze. On day one, Skepta, A$AP Ferg, and JPEGMafia produced the most anarchy, obliterating each of their sets and encouraging the most chaos from their followers. Providing powerful performances also included musicians such as Black Pumas, The Knocks, and Louis The Child. Worth mentioning is Louis The Child’s performance of Little Things with guests Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII, marking the first time live that all three acts performed the song together. Also noteworthy was JPEGMafia’s A cappella version of “Call Me Maybe”, inciting the whole mob to sing along to such an unexpected banger. 

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Day two, though electrifying, was not as intense as the event’s first leg. Oftentimes, people were sighted resting and refueling at all the stations the Citi Field grounds had to offer. Hungry? Why not eat some “Dank nugs” (chicken tenders)! Exhausted from all the shows? Just relax by the iconic “GOV BALL NYC” sign, and watch the Bacardi stage from afar. In the mood for a beer? Have a cold one catered by the nearby Goose Island Bear Garden. The great thing about the big apple’s biggest music festival is the fact all your bases are covered in order to have the best experience of your life. Regardless, the most surprising performance happened that Saturday, with Shaquille O’Neal DJ’ing under his stage name Diesel. Inspiring wild antics and many mosh pits; the former NBA all-star somehow captivated the audience to go completely nuts. Whether it was the music itself or the sheer novelty that it was Shaq performing, major props should be given to the man for creating the biggest response (proportionate to the crowd’s size) at Gov Ball. Providing much-needed mayhem as well, Denzel Curry and Flume provoked a multitude of circles around the Bacardi and Gopuff stage that continued to viciously open and close throughout the set.

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Nonetheless, if insanity was not your vibe, artists such as Peach Tree Rascals and Tom Odell elicited more chill responses that day from attendees, providing an easier, more relaxed experience while in the crowd. Similar attitudes also came from Glass Animals, Japanese Breakfast, KAYTRANADA, and Clairo the following Sunday, which by all accounts (from my perspective) was the festival’s biggest turn-out. From every direction, seas of people walked to each stage, full of anticipation for each performance. Toward the end of the night, all the masses in their colorful outfits could be seen swarming over to see Playboy Carti or J Cole. Performing hit by hit to a horde enchanted by both superstars, you could see thousands of cellphones glittering in the air, jumping up and down to the tempo of each single. Elaborate, decadent, and sleek, these two performances brought down the house and provided the perfect send-off for 2022’s grandiose event. Full of fun times and epic encounters, you had to be there to witness it yourself.

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Important message: With the rising concern for climate change today, Founders Entertainment, along with Governors Ball Music Festival, has partnered with STX Group to begin its efforts to mitigate society’s carbon footprint. The beginning of a greater mission to one day become carbon neutral and achieve Net-Zero emissions; Founders Entertainment hopes you will join them on this journey.

This process started with collecting and calculating energy consumption data for the 2022 festival during the setup, days of show, and event breakdown. With this information now processed, Founders Entertainment will work with STX Group to identify Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that the festival will purchase to match this consumption data. Founders Entertainment will simultaneously be looking into a variety of carbon offsets to begin mitigating the festival’s carbon footprint. 

In the coming weeks and months, more information about this process will be shared about Founders Entertainment’s progress towards attaining Net-Zero emissions for The Governors Ball Music Festival.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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