New Astrale Single “Dream Bay” On Bitbird

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word astral? Others might say something within the realms of extraterrestrial or others might go on and make Doctor Strange references such as “astral projection” or “multiverse theory”. But if we do refer to our friend Merriam-Webster, we can see that it “relates to, or coming from the stars.”. Pretty cool right? 

In the same breath, these are also the exact words to describe the upcoming 20-year-old LA based producer, singer, and creator Astrale and his new single “Dream Bay”. Whilst human, both artist and tune managed to gain the hearts and minds of music fans all over in a jiffy in quite an otherworldly pace. Let’s not forget that all of this was achieved only through organic support. Mind breaking yes, but that’s just a testament that he does belong to this industry and the world is in dire need of a new breed of artists. For a youngin, that’s a major step in the right direction in that quest to music immortality. 

Released last June 17th in all major platforms, this hyper pop leaning track is also his first release via Netherlands independent label Bitbird. A match made in heaven as both sides champion musicality, and artistry above all else. It’s definitely going to be exciting as to what both camps can come up with in the future. 

As for the song itself, it’s got that laid back vibe to it that’s very infectious and inviting all at once. It invokes memories about taking a cruise alone or with friends in a highway. Strangely enough, it also brings up ideas of embarking on a trip across galaxies with this song blaring in the background. But before you do head out and try these activities yourself, this would be the opportune time to say that it’s more than just a feel-good hit. If you look deeper and read the lyrics, you will see that this is a biting commentary on the reality of social media’s role in our lives. While positive, could also turn us into slaves addicted to the “likes” thus living out fake lives just for the attention. “Gotta brand new gram, flexing that fake brand new phase…”

Looking for more Astrale? If so come join us and head on over to his Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud accounts to have your head up in the clouds in no time. 

See y’all on cloud nine!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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