Music is art and in turn art is music. This is the truth and yes it could possibly pass as a tongue twister. Kidding aside, both entities have similarities such as being colorful, thought provoking, and addicting to name a few. But one of their greatest similarities would be that they’re based on the human condition. Not just the ones we see day to day but also the dreams and imaginations we have. Regardless of how crazy or over the top those are. Well, what about their differences? Not a lot really, it’s just how things are presented to their beholders. Art tickles more of the visual while music targets the audio part. 

But once you combine them together, you create an entirely different thing. An experience beyond compares because it hits all the senses, including the heart. There are tons of proofs out there of that marriage but a recent one would be Alison Wonderland’s “I am not quite ready to share my album title or artwork yet” tour. Which kicks off this March 21st at Puerto Vallarta, MX at the Brownies & Lemonade Spring Break. This also includes the April 1stperformance at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles and April 15th at the Avant Gardner in Brooklyn.  All of which are in support of her forthcoming album. The fun part about this is the title of the tour is a tongue in cheek reference for her not actually not being ready to share the album title or artwork (yet). Tickets for these and more have been already available February 4th on her website. So go ahead and check them out pronto! 

This Aussie Goddess known for her hits that made the world go gaga such as “U don’t know” (2015 feat. Wayne Coyne), and “Cry” (2018 feat. Buddy) to name a few.

As well as more recent hits “Fuck U Love U” (2021) which has already amassed over 3 million combined global streams since its release and “Fear of dying” (2022) with 1.2 million. The latter is a bookmark and steppingstone tune that signifies her new journey as an individual and as an artist.

Has always had that reputation of putting up musical experiences for the audience wherein she mixes the power of gorgeous visuals in concert with her captivating tracks. 

A true visionary and a master of her craft, she also ventured into the NFT space with her fantasy themed adventure “Wonderquest” which generated over 3 million AUD as well as spent time in the global top 20. Not to mention, she also created a five-star sanctuary in Animal crossing. Followed by heaps of more brain liquefying endeavors. We can genuinely expect that this upcoming event as weirdly named as it is, will surely be one for the ages!

She may not be “…quite ready to share my album title or artwork yet.” (Which is fine by all measures). But even though that may be the case, the entire world is waiting and ready to embrace this music genius’ upcoming tour with open arms.  

Need more Alison Wonderland in your life? If the answer is yes, be sure to follow her official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , YouTube and TikTok accounts for more great content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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