Yungblud Talks Facing Immense Societal Pressure in “Lemonade,” ft. Denzel Curry

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Twenty-three year old rebellious rock star, Yungblud, teamed up with Florida rapper, Denzel Curry, in his latest politically charged hit, “Lemonade.”

Feeling the pressure of society, especially lately, Yungblud expresses his feelings explicitly in the lyrics and the artwork of the album cover.


With the way many are fighting against the injustices people in the world are facing, Yungblud took it upon himself to help release some of the pressure, so all who listened to the song could, “lose their s*** together as one, because we are stronger together.”

With Yungblud, Denzel Curry is featured in the track, and hits hard with his lyrics and beat. They join together in “Lemonade” to fight for equality against injustice, rocking out angrily in rebellion to create a perfect anthem to inspire movement and change.

Known for his angsty coming-of-age hits, such as “Weird,” “California,” and “Hope for the Underrated Youth,” Yungblud recently admitted that his original anger in his music and personal life has diffused. “I got hopeful, and now I feel optimistic,” he said in an interview. In his upcoming music, he hopes to charge that optimism into something much more, something inspirational, hopeful, and meaningful for those who are struggling to find peace in this crazy world.

Listen to “Lemonade” here:

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