West Coast Takeover is the name of the European tour headed by Xzibit. Local Danish booking agency Scratch Copenhagen managed to secure a date for this tour in Denmark. What was expected seeing the lineup the show was completely sold out days before the show.

The mixture of supporting acts was outstanding for an old school hip-hop fan. First, we got Ras Kass and his classic type 90’s hip hop. He really enjoyed the city and his short stay in Denmark, so he has changed one of his lines from ‘smoke like Jamaican’ to ‘smoke like Danish’.

Problem with his Compton flow performed next.  His performance was dense and energetic. Close interaction with fans encouraged one of the fans to invade the stage to crowd surf after a short moment. Problem’s performance really moved the audience and started the party.

After a short moment, the stage got taken over by Demmerick.  Firstly, he has received his first bootleg release from one of the fans (however I have a feeling the guy just wanted this album to be signed) which totally surprised him. Then he received a big joint which he smoked during his performance. This time we got a performer jumping and crowd surfing which was quite cool and helped to keep temperatures elevated in the venue.

James Savage was the final warm-up act of the evening. He brought his cold flow and a few hot hits which allowed him to maintain the hot atmosphere in the venue. His performance was top notch with the focus mostly on the rap part – there was no jumping off the stage, no gifts from fans – just how it should be – pure hardcore hip-hop performance.

Everything by this point was coordinated perfectly and there was no delays between the performers – just one after another coming to stage and delivering his part of the show. The only longer break happened before Xzibit show mostly due to a change of DJ’s equipment on stage.


Thanks to previous performers the audience was steaming hot when Xzibit finally entered the stage covered in a winter jacket and a hat. He has no plan to slow down and after a short start when he understood how hot the club is, he took off the jacket and brought the first beats of one of his biggest hits ‘X’ which pleased all the fans and made the venue dance. This was followed by ‘Been A Long Time’ with Nate Dogg vocals played by DJ.  Another highlight of the night was a hit song ‘Paparazzi’ which has been performed under the dimmed light and a lot of lighters raised in the air by fans. This evening delivered almost 3 hours of hip-hop on the stage and was moved to the after-party presented by DJ in the venue.


Photos and coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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