In a smooth and charming way, Wriss Parker is asking the important questions: “Why you always all up in my business?”

Today marks the release of Parker’s first single of 2021, “Questions.” His witty rap flow compliments the bouncy beat holding down the track. Reflecting on people not minding their own business, Parker speaks to his own life, following his dreams, staying in his lane and not looking back. Through “Questions,” he encourages others to do the same.

This Sioux Falls native has been hard at work since his successful first 2019 release of “Never Seen.” He has since released other fan favorites “Cold Spam” and “R.A.C.S,” and his newest release of “Questions” is another wonderful addition to his repertoire.

Wriss Parker brings to the table a big, energetic personality and honest, introspective commentary in his lyrics, all folding into fun, upbeat pop music. All of his songs are catchy bops, perfect for a party playlist or just jamming to uplift your mood.

“Music should make people feel it. That’s all I want, is for people to feel the things that we are doing and appreciate the artistry behind it.”

-Wriss Parker

Wriss Parker is one of those artists that keeps you on your toes. There is much more than meets the eye with him, as he is a former D-1 collegiate football player turned quickly rising hip-hop songwriter. His unique experiences translate in his lyrics, showcasing his confidence, strength and perseverance.

We’ve added “Questions” to our Release Radar, so go ahead and stream it at your leisure. We have more to look forward to from Wriss Parker as he wraps up his debut full-length album! Stay tuned for even more bright, enjoyable tunes.

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