Tash Sultana is Back! and they’re just so “Sweet & Dandy”

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The lovely and multi-talented Tash Sultana has released a new song, “Sweet & Dandy,” the final single before their upcoming second full-length album. They debuted the track in an exclusive performance Thursday with Triple-J, who’s known for promoting the newest music from Australian artists.

Sweet & Dandy” is a intoxicating track, with a simple vibey beat, funky guitar grooves, glorious harp and piano licks, and delicious harmonies that serenade us into bliss. Tash has come a long way since going viral with their solo-looped street performances, particularly of “Notion,” which introduced us to this magical artist.

It will have been three years since the release of their first full-length album “Flow State,” which has become a stable to many fans’ music rotation. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to hear what else Tash has been working on. If “Sweet & Dandy” is any indication of what to expect, this new album will be bigger and better than anything Tash has put out previously. They now work with a full-band, retiring the entrancing solo-loops, but I’m sure they’ll work their magic on stage for a powerful impact on fans. When I think of Tash Sultana, soul food immediately comes to mind. The lyrics and instrumentation of their work always fills me with goosebumps and love, and “Sweet & Dandy” is no exception.

Stream “Sweet & Dandy” now everywhere! I’ve added it to my Nü Qü playlist because it just fits the vibe so perfectly.

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