Witness the “Magic” of Life with Jay Blanes’ New Single

24-year-old singer-songwriter Jay Blanes released his new single “Magic” on April 1, 2022.  Leading to this release, he has already made a notable name for himself with over 12,000 followers and 560,000 streams, and has obtained outstanding reviews in media outlets such as Vents, Notion, and the Yorkshire Times.

Blanes has been performing for live audiences since age seven in cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles and Barcelona. His free spirit inspired him to busk on the Santa Monica Pier and in Trafalgar Square for a year, which allowed him to become a true master in the art of entertainment. In the future he plans to take his fresh and passion-filled EP Magic live across the UK as a one-man show.

Photo Credit: @niemelashoots on Instagram

Overall, The main purpose of “Magic” the track is to prove that there’s “magic all around,” that anything can be accomplished when taken on with a firm approach. Beginning with a more atmospheric tone, the track beautifully transforms into a catchy anthem of appreciating the good things in life. Blanes also puts his all to showcase his own artistic magic with carefully crafted vocals and a plethora of different sounds to keep you entertained until the very end.

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