With Forecastle Festival Only One Day Away, Here Are Our MUST-SEE Acts

Festival season is back like it never left – and let’s be real, it didn’t really leave this time. Festivals were happening from late July of 2021 (shoutout to Lollapalooza) straight through until a short Christmas lull before exploding back in the late winter/early spring. They haven’t stopped since, and our next stop of the season is Louisville’s Forecastle Festival! Forecastle is entering their twentieth year, and their lineup for 2022 reflects the eclectic taste of most festival-goers with a few local products to spice it up a bit. Read on to find out who we’re most excited for amongst this stacked and eclectic lineup!

(These are listed in no particular order.)

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Elena’s Top 3


Are you ready to be carried away by magical vocals and a mix of tropical house beats, heavy bass, and satisfying drops? If so, then you’re ready for EVAN GIIA. The Brooklyn-based musician is taking her talents to Louisville for the weekend, appearing on the Ocean Stage on Saturday afternoon. You can read our review of EVAN GIIA’s single “Mood Swings” here. Check out her full ENDORPHINS EP as well!

Credit: Drew Scriva

2. Jai Wolf

Bangladeshi-American electronic artist Jai Wolf takes the Ocean Stage on Sunday night, and we’re more than ready to hear his incredible brand of electro-pop and synth-pop. In the past, Jai Wolf has had a minimal stage set-up, but the visuals have been the primary budget item. In this set from Second Sky 2021, he has even less gear than Kaytranada, which just goes to show you: more gear doesn’t always equal better. What this man does from a minimal set-up is incredible. Check out his 2019 album, The Cure To Loneliness, and be prepared to feel things. Deeply.

Credit: Jasmine Safaeian

1. Lane 8

Deep house is also making an appearance at Forecastle this weekend, with San Francisco-born sensation Lane 8 taking the stage on Saturday night. After the sun sets, Lane 8’s light show is going to take you places you didn’t think were imaginable, and the music is going to kickstart that journey for you. Following performances at Coachella and BUKU, Forecastle is one of Lane 8’s three remaining US festival appearances for the year to celebrate the release of his most recent album, Reviver. You won’t want to miss this! Ocean Stage, Saturday night. Be there!

Credit: Unknown

Andrew’s Top 3

3. Tyler, the Creator

In the last 5 years, Tyler, the Creator has released three of the most critically-lauded albums of that timespan. With Flower Boy, IGOR, and CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Tyler has raised his star exponentially, and those who were around from the beginning (I am not included in this group) knew that it was only a matter of time. He puts his full soul into every live performance: the music, the lights, the stage, the comedy in his stage banter… All of it reaches a pinnacle that is hard for other artists to match. The US leg of the CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST tour reaches its conclusion at Forecastle, and Tyler is sure to bring the fire to the Mast Stage Sunday night, literally and figuratively.

Credit: “PRESS”

2. Tame Impala

Tame Impala is one of the best live bands touring right now. Full stop. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who puts as much time and effort into their live performance as Kevin Parker. Their most recent album, The Slow Rush, was released on Valentine’s Day 2020, and they have been all over the US in the past year to make up for lost time. They always manage to top themselves every time, even when it seems impossible. Much like Tyler, the Creator, Tame Impala’s US stint for The Slow Rush tour ends at Forecastle. It’s now or never (or at least three years down the line, potentially). Make sure you don’t miss Tame Impala on the Mast Stage Saturday night.

Credit: Dana Trippe

1. Phoebe Bridgers

It’s been over four years since a magical evening at Music Hall of Williamsburg, three years since Better Oblivion Community Center at Outside Lands, and almost two years since the release of Phoebe Bridgers’ most recent album, Punisher. During that time, she started headlining amphitheater shows – the night before I’m writing this, she headlined Red Rocks – and if you’re interested in feeling all of your feelings in a single set, see her. Bridgers has an affinity for making the personal feel universal, and she will make you realize that you aren’t alone. You never were. Sing along to “Kyoto” with thousands of your closest friends, and then let them see you break down to “Moon Song.” Anything goes at the Mast Stage on Saturday evening.

Credit: Frank Ockenfels

Who are you most excited to see? If you aren’t going, who are you most excited to hear about? Let us know below!

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