Sometimes, life doesn’t work out exactly how one expects. Whether that inevitability is met with resistance or acceptance is up to each individual. With Mt. Joy’s newest single and music video for “Evergreen,” however, the indie rock band prove it’s never too late to search for a purpose in life — even when met with failure after (hilarious) failure.

“Evergreen” is the third single from Mt. Joy’s upcoming studio album, Orange Blood, and continues the band’s ascent to indie rock god-status as they prove they not only have talent but also incredible versatility. While their prior single, “Orange Blood,” was a contemplative and complex cathartic release, “Evergreen” is a pseudo-punk Arcade-Fire-meets-Vampire-Weekend banger, complete with infectious guitar riffs and a healthy spike of energy. As lead singer Matt Quinn states about the song and its place on the album:

“‘Evergreen’ is the shot of tequila on this record. It’s a love song about trusting what you have during times when the world seems to be changing faster than we can keep up. It’s hard, but I think the only times I’m truly happy are when I embrace the insanity around us and pound my chest just enough to believe that if we stick together, we’ve got all we need to make it to the other side.” 

The lyrics on “Evergreen” range from the humorous — “Oh, this is the part where your wedding diamond ring gets pulled across your eye” — to the surprisingly poignant — “In a thunderous laugh, you grow up too fast / You forgot to take pictures of the life we wished for.” As such, the music video — starring The Office star and former musician Creed Bratton — hits literally all emotional states as viewers watch Bratton’s character traverse a series of “adventures,” prompted by the cute-sy label on a milk carton. In the video, Bratton tries his hand at pilates, martial arts, golf and painting to spectacular, often hilarious (and painful) failure — until he buys a used keyboard and combines all the lessons from his “failures” to create an evergreen passion all his own. The video ends with Bratton posting an ad for members to join his new band, for anyone aged 18 to 73 — proving that one is never too old to look for, and find, their purpose in life.

Mt. Joy’s “Evergreen” is a genuine joy to listen to, and the third in a great lineup of songs that is sure to make their next album a huge indie rock hit. Orange Blood will release June 17 through Island Records, and Mt. Joy will start a nationwide tour the day before with special guests Madison Cunningham, Wilderado and The Brook & The Bluff. Take a listen to “Evergreen,” and watch its fun, emotional music video, below!

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