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“ur ruining it,” by MAYA LUCIA: Indie pop singer-songwriter has just launched a vibrant new single, alit with a blend of vulnerability and infectious beats. The sweet hooks lament heartache, all while juxtaposing with groovy surf rock-inspired instrumentation. This unique blend of sound is contagious and emotionally filled.

“Losing Myself,” by Alex Marchisone, Holly Henderson: London-based composer and producer, Alex, released latest collaboration with Holly Henderson. In this recent form of musical expression, the single defies restriction in genre and lyrical form as the listener transcends through an emotionally-ridden experience.

“November,” by Svavar Knútur: A single fitting the moody weather of late fall and early winter, this artist’s indie Nordic folk anthem is both refreshingly raw and laid back as it plunges the audience into the coziness of fog, thunder, and rain as they’re sent wandering within that world.

“SNOWY,” by aboynamedblu: “To me, Snowy is the feeling of taking a dreary bus ride in the rain with headphones on and wanting nothing more to go back in time,” the artist comments in their latest release. For us, the single does much of the same, channeling sounds from the inner Pacific Northwest local’s biggest dreams as they wander through their own mind and dream of bigger things.

“What If?” by Marka & David Celia: Released with their latest album, this single and music video blends roots rock with power pop and Americana. The harmonies of vocals curate a dreamy experience of wonder and light. The sharp lyrics showcase the craftsmanship of the duo.

“The Last Occupier,” by abie L.: Nashville-based artist just released her debut EP, I Wonder If I’ll Bleed, with this single charging the energy of the project in its whole. Her dreamy vocals pair beautifully with the stripped back and emotional acoustics.

“Everyone Else,” by Elle Baez: This emerging Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter just released her debut EP, Bold Soul, this Friday. After many successful single releases with critical-appraise, she ends the year with a bang. From this EP, this single showcases a blend of pop and soul with empowering vocals preaching self-love, confidence, and the journey to finding one’s voice.

“Glowing Butterfly,” by Robbie Vonn: This dreamy indie pop track is a collaboration with Juliet Lyons; with the cinematic atmosphere it creates, each listener will be lost into the world the duo has created together. The vocals are straight from a world of fantasy, layered with powerful and deep emotions that push and pull the audience along into an experience like none other.

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