“What of the Days” and Where We Will Go From Here

Nashville’s own folk/pop singer/songwriter Lauren Balthrop returns with her captivating and candid music propelled by her best instrument, her crystalline voice.  Alabama grown, New York tested, and Nashville bound, Balthrop is releasing her sophomore album, Things Will Be Different on August 12 via Olivia Records. “What of the Days” has been noted to be the album opener, and has been released slightly early to ease our anticipation.

 “I tuned my guitar to Open G, opened a book of poetry by Maya Angelou, and wrote a melody to the words of her poem My Life Has Turned to Blue. Then, I began to rewrite the words, and this became ‘What of the Days.’ As the opening song for the album, it evokes sentimental longing for what was and what we can’t go back to but with a hopeful look forward.”

“What of the Days” begins with pleasant curtains letting in a little of the morning sun on a warm summer day. It’s nostalgic in its words, reminiscing on times that may have lost their shiny hue, but still holds a special place in your mind regardless. At a minute in, the acoustic guitar becomes beautifully harmonized with a dancing keyboard, an array of singing string instrumentals and other jingling elements, all of which work together to elevate Balthrop’s sun-kissed and emotional vocals.

In her lyrics, there’s a desire to want to go back, back in time to a place filled with the warmth of those you used to hold so closely. Yet, even with this fill of desire, there is also acceptance, a knowing that more opportunities are right around the corner, that life will present more moments of true and unbridled happiness. “What of the Days” tells a story, one with ups and downs, and is deserving of your listening ears and a spot on your favorite playlists.

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