November Ultra’s New Single Will Warm Your Soul

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There aren’t many songs that make you feel an emotion so strong yet so vast. Still, through her beautiful voice, November Ultra does just that with the artist’s breathtaking single “Come Into My Arms.” Traversing through your subconscious, the elated track takes the form of memories and brings a sense of nostalgia to the listener. Provoking a state of calm, this lullaby is a hug to the soul, determined to tell you everything will be alright.

Come Into My Arms’ is a lullaby about slowing down, asking for help and taking the time to breathe. I wrote it to soothe myself, and it magically soothed others. Vive la musique.

November Ultra on “Come Into My Arms”

Simple at its core, the omission of all but piano and vocals creates a sentiment of depth that would be lost with the addition of other instrumentals. Guided by November Ultra’s tranquil singing, the song progresses with the addition of arpeggios heard from the keyboard. A duality that blends technique with personal expression, the oral performance recited on “Come Into My Arms”, perfectly embodies what it means to use your voice as an instrument.

Every now and then

Come and take my hand

For every little lie you tell so you can hide will grow inside your chest

Your heart will need to rest

So come into my arms

“Come Into My Arms” Lyrics – November Ultra

While lyrically, the tune is up to interpretation, the main focus lies on taking a breath before seeking guidance. Perhaps most indelible from each listen is how tender the atmosphere of the single is. Inspiring eye-watering compassion due to the sweet, innocent nature of the production and poetry, we cannot help but feel moved by this lovely little tune. Effortless in execution, this number boldly captivates your heart with humble ease. For that alone, November Ultra’s song truly grasps what it means to be “art”.

VIdeo Credit: November Ultra Official YouTube Channel

Accompanied by an adorable music video, you can listen to “Come Into My Arms” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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