We Three Explore Loneliness and Anxiety in “Secrets”

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US sibling trio We Three entice and captivate with their vulnerable new single, “Secrets,” which arguably is their best work to date. With an inviting hook like “I’ll tell you my secrets…if you’ll tell me yours,” it’s hard not to get swept up into a song, especially one that is backed by a contemporary instrumental production that wraps around listeners like a secret waiting to be heard.

The trajectory of WE THREE has been on the upward swing ever since their initial performance on America’s Got Talent (114m views) and this follows on from the band’s 2 hit albums and is the precursor to a forthcoming nationwide tour once the COVID coast is clear. They are perfectly primed for a breakthrough, especially with their latest single.

“Secrets” carries an introspective message that explores anxiety and loneliness in the social media age. The emotional resonance of a plaintive piano opens the song as frontman Manny beckons listeners in with haunting and vulnerable vocals. Increasing layers of instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies contribute to the palpable drama. The intimate lyrics are touchingly relatable – hiding the things that you struggle with, even from those you consider to be friends, and not feeling the way you want because of what lays underneath the surface.

Manny’s voice rises from calm introspection to full-throttled falsetto through the chorus and with every pass of the chorus, the song swells to encompass the emotional weight of the message. The desire to be understood is one that many people carry within their hearts – so why is it, as one of the lines goes, we “have tons of people with me, but they’re only on my phone?” Genuine connection makes for a more meaningful life. And secrets are one way to a genuine connection.

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