ferdinant. Aims to “Soothe” a Friendship with New Release

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Dutch singer/songwriter, ferdinant. is trying to describe the way he sees the world through his music.

After finding his father’s old guitar, ferdinant. found his passion for music at the age of 20. After a long stint in theatre school back home in the Hague, he slowly found his voice and began to write ditties and small ideas for songs. With a love for classical and cinematic music, the melodramatic soul of young ferdinant. emerged after music became his embrace over years of modeling and acting. Finally, he made a move to Berlin to put his all into music. While finding his feet and using his talent in a city that was very different from his humble, warming seaside home, he created his debut EP and has been carrying forth his passion ever since.

His latest single, “Soothe,” is reminiscent of contemporary artists like Dermont Kennedy, paired with the courage for grandeur in instrumentals and arrangements like U2 or Coldplay. It’s his upbeat follow-up to his more mellow single from 2020, “Airplanes.”

“Soothe” pairs a melodic bassline with buoyant synths and jovial guitar plucks. Much like the title, ferdinant. offers very soothing vocals, even-toned and harmonious to the bassline. The lyrics explore the inevitable struggle it sometimes takes to keep a friendship alive. No matter how close you may have been to someone before, you almost always grow apart and often, you yearn for that kinship again. It just never feels quite right without that bond there. And that yearning is emphasized in the catchy chorus, complete with a piano melody. There’s a sentimental emotion that blankets the entire song.

This song brought me back to some of my favorite memories from festivals. You know the moments when you’re in the middle of a crowd, a sea full of strangers, and you just feel your heart full of joy and love. And you feel at peace with everything in and around you – soothed. That’s how this makes me feel. I hope you feel the same when you listen to this.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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