Vevo and 2 Chainz Release Performance Videos for “Bet It Back” and “10 Bracelets”

VEVO over the years has been one of the biggest music channels of the present-day era. While MTV still exists, they mostly focus on the reality show sphere with mixed results. Once being the inspiration for the song “Video killed the radio star” by The Buggles. MTV’s shift in priorities has made it possible for VEVO to sneak in and take the crown for MV supremacy. 

Launched December 8th, 2009, primarily as a music video provider to YouTube. They have since then expanded their horizons by having their very own app. As well as making themselves available on various modern-day platforms such as smart televisions, digital video recorders and video streaming services. They are pioneers through and through, redefining the way how music videos are experienced. While traditional television isn’t dead, they held up the torch the other direction and showed the music world that there’s another option. 

Being mold breakers and shakers, they have once again reintroduced themselves with their ongoing series called “Ctrl”. With recent guest performers, such as Common, Amine, Isaiah Rashad and other beatastic acts taking the stage. Now they’ve tapped the services of one of hip hop’s brightest stars 2 Chainz. 

Released last March 8th, the master blaster from College Park, GA, takes the VEVO stage and gives a spirited performance of his songs “Bet It Back” and “10 Bracelets”. Both songs from his new album “Dope Don’t Sell Itself”. 

Adorning a raging heart, larger than life personality, the black fur and red capped lyrical assassin gives his all. Spitting bars upon bars, like building a fortress. He lights up the room with his lyricism, beat and wit worthy of a standing ovation. With lyrics such as “I worked hard to get where I’m at, look at where I’m at. That’s a bet, if I lose the bet, I’ma bet it back.”. He challenges incoming naysayers, and haters to take heed because he’s the epitome of greatness. King of the rap game, he proves that hundred-fold in both stunning performances. 

Want more VEVO in your life? If so, go ahead and look for them on their official HQ, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more eargasmic tunes. You can also download their app and find them in selected smart TVs and various streaming services. 

For Hip hop demigod 2 Chainz, you can follow him in his official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for mind bending content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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