SHÆLIN Reveals Four Remixes to Original Songs Seen in EP Ana Hata

Based in Tours, France, SHÆLIN has released an extension to their already published EP Ana Hata. The newly added four songs is an excellent addition to the collection, as it adds fantastic remixes to the band’s original songs.

SHÆLIN was brought forth on January 2017, between two rehearsals of contemporary gospel, as the band used to sing together in different choirs. One day, Dahlie, one of the members, composed a song titled ‘Miracles,’ and together SHÆLIN recorded their first ever track. Olivier Linglet took immediate interest in the band, from the groups chemistry with each other and their sound of music, and signed to be their manager/editor very quickly. Now, in 2022, SHÆLIN has dreams of playing all over the world to spread the messages of energy and love. They believe wholeheartedly that love is the cure, the link, and the lungs of our planet.

“An album is always a long and exciting process. Each EP that we recorded was an incredible adventure which led us to surpass ourselves. We were delighted at every step. The joy we feel when a SHÆLIN member shares their new song with us, the hours of rehearsals, of studio time, the first listen of the results, the experience of filming clips, our collaborations with other artists… It’s just so precious to us. We just want to live it again and again in the future.”

“Ain’t No Matter – DJ Phantom Remix” immediately starts these releases off with an incredible symphony of a carefully produced piano being supported by the lower notes on a string instrument. Distorted voices follow after the introduction, then comes in a set of drums to put the piece all together. There’s a moment that turns to rap, speaking on what to live and what to die for, and the crossing of genres provide for a truly a unique experience.

River of Gold – Ténéré Version” introduces itself with a feminine voice speaking in truth on how she cares for others, and sparkles transition her to be backed up by a more snappy beat. The voice is then support by a plethora of other incredibly soothing singers, all sharing the same message of how they would do anything for the people they love most. The song is unabashedly three minutes of open adoration for the world we live in.

“Body – Samba De La Muerte Rework” speaks on how intimidate loving can take time, and that our body should be the our number one priority on what we love most. The track becomes nothing but badass through a transition that happens about a minute in, as the vocals speaks on how their body is a treasure that those who aren’t dedicated wouldn’t be able to afford. The track also gives a detail in saying that this goes for men and woman, as both feminine and masculine voices are heard delivering the same message.

To Untie a Knot – Hugo Payen Remix” is slower in pace than the other tracks, and really focuses on asking how we take back control of our lives when everything seems hopeless. The vocals admit that it’s hard sometimes, but that these times are only temporary, that they don’t last forever. With the addition of trumpets so perfectly placed in the climax of the song, this remix is perfect is giving off the message that there is always hope available for those who search for it.

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