Valley Holds on Together with New Single “Break For You”

Already on tour, the band Valley has been performing “Break For You” live, part of its setlist that will also include songs off the upcoming album, Lost in Translation. Fans are all for it, happy to have found a song manifesting stable and long-term relationships.

That day in the studio I remember so vividly, we talked for hours and hours about us being in long-term relationships and what that brings to the table these days. “Break for You” is about taking all the pressure. It’s about being the glue to hold it all together when someone can’t, even it if breaks you.

– Valley

The quick rhythm triggers a kind of flashback, fleeting moments that just flash by when thinking back on a relationship, more specifically, a loved one. Meanwhile, the verses and the chorus put feelings into words, filled with affirmations and reassurances that they will get through it together. And if that wasn’t enough, the post-chorus makes sure that feeling is conveyed.

If you just let me in, I could be here all night

Your eyes say everything and I know what that feels like

Oh, but I would fight for this forever

I could take the pressure, whatever comes

– “Break For You”

Valley came together when a local studio accidentally double-booked a slot. Mickey (guitarist) and Karah (drummer) played in a band, and Rob (singer) and Alex (bassist) played in another. It turned out to be a happy coincidence. Soon, the four of them were self-writing and self-producing together, reflecting on their experiences. Though their songs talk about love, universal and arguably common, they go beyond the clichés and immerse listeners.

Valley has already kicked off its North American Lost In Translation Tour, performing and screaming its songs with fans. At the same time, anticipation is growing for the release of the complete album, Lost In Translation, in June. The band is also set to appear at the Road to Sonic Bang Festival in Bangkok alongside artists like ADOY and LANY.

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