Des Rocs Holds Onto a “Never Ending Moment” in New Music Video

Des Rocs has made a return with the single “Never Ending Moment” after nearly a year. His comeback also marks his move to a new label, having signed with Sumerian Records. Even still, the artist’s rock-inspired attitude and signature bedroom arena rock sound remain.

The song begins with a synthetic, almost folksy, guitar that picks a catchy introduction. Soon after, more unique sounds are phased in, layering onto one another to create a diverse yet solid instrumental. Listeners won’t be able to help but tap their toes, snap their fingers and bob along. In fact, Des Rocs’ music is nostalgic of that seventies-eighties rock sound, reinvigorated with a modern twist.

Exile from your garden

Talking sweet little lies in the space of a thousand truths

A dark river is rising

So I’ll hold on to

A never-ending moment with you

– “Never Ending Moment”

Compared to its electric sound, “Never Ending Moment” shares lyrics that are quite poetic and fantastic. Des Rocs is able to encapsulate that feeling of wanting to live in the moment and seeing life in a beautiful and enchanting way. But he also considers the paradox and that these experiences will not last.

Never Ending Moment” is about the nostalgia for losing something before it’s gone. I’ve always found a [kind of] darkness to the best moments in life. It’s born from that unnerving reality that all love will one day end. We have this instinct to eternalize the sweetest moments we experience— to me, it’s one of the most humanizing experiences we share. I wanted to create a song that was larger than life itself…a never-ending rapture.

– Des Rocs (Daniel Rocco)

Like the instrumentals, the music video layers by utilizing visual effects and chromatic colors. Each sound is given its own shot by capturing the instrument being played. Sometimes it’s a drum being tapped or a bass guitar being plucked. Other times, Des Rocs himself sings while dancing. When these components come together, they are almost projected in various colors, intentionally overlapping to visualize what fans are hearing.

Des Rocs is slated to continue tour with Badflower this upcoming month throughout June, greeting fans in venues across the country. In the meantime, take a moment to revisit some of Des Rocs’ older tracks and albums for a good throwback.

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