The elusive answer to the meaning of life, frustratingly explored by TWO LANES in their Summer 2020 Single “Never Enough”, appears to have borne fruit with the track’s sequel “Another Time”.

Though no more certain, the German sibling-duo have accepted that unknown as a natural part of life itself. Courtesy of advice sung by their friend and vocalist Kwesi, they were reassured that to have longed was to have embraced humanity.

Artist Photo
Kwesi via Bitbird

Alaskan-born, Ohio-raised, Pennsylvania-trained, California-residing Kwesi utilized his well-traveled perspective when lending his vocals here.

“We don’t always get everything we want and hope for. ‘Another Time’ is about looking to the future and knowing that if we put our heart and mind in the right place, maybe there is some time and place for those things to happen.”


His repeated collaboration with TWO LANES, consisting of electronic musician Rafa and classical pianist Leo, has solidified from shared interest in leaving space for the listener’s imaginative interpretation.

To that expected intersection of empathic roads, the band put it like this:

“With Kwesi we tend to approach songs very freely by recording loose melody ideas and later fill in the words. The lyrics contain mostly metaphors, expressing an overall longing and emotional-melancholic vibe.”   

-two lanes

Two Lanes band photo
TWO LANES via Bitbird

They would surely get on well with a Chill EDM act like Arcando, as evidenced by praise from Sirius XM Chill, YourEDM, Zeds Dead, and similar genre platforms. At the same time, TWO LANES has carved out its niche.

Not only can the group remix work by ODESZA, Skrillex, and ZHU, but they have also made classical music palatable for the next generation: music for studying, nature walks, and a host of solitary acts in-between.

For the listener intrigued by how live instruments, analog synthesizers and electronic sounds could be creatively melded, look no farther than the catalogue coming out of this Berlin home studio.  

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