Tuning into Ladytron’s Seventh Studio Album, “Time’s Arrow”

The synth-pop quartet, Ladytron, dropped their seventh studio album, Time’s Arrow via Cooking Vinyl on Jan. 20. Time’s Arrow follows the releases of their singles, “City of Angels,” “Faces,” and “Misery Remember Me”–the opening tracks of the album.

“City of Angels” opens the album with electronic, 80’s-inspired instrumentals. The track set the stage for the entire album with its release back in 2022. “City of Angels” sheds light on the nuanced and complex art form that is Ladytron. The track’s lyrics and musical fusions mimic the utopian experience as shown in its accompanying video.

City of Angels Official Video

Following a similar musical tune comes the track and single, “Faces.” The repetition of lyrics in this track sells a new yet relatable experience to listeners. “Faces” illustrates the inescapable social pressures from cultural structures that many face. With its haunting instrumentals, the track does a wonderful job of emulating that ordeal.

The ambience of the album slightly switches with the next track, “Misery Remember Me,” another single released in 2022. While still sticking with the 80’s influenced instrumentals, the messaging of the song seems to take a turn for the better. “Misery Remember Me” is about shedding an old skin, remembering your trails but walking into a new, brighter future.

“Oh, distant shores and misery / There’s a light I can see it / Will misery remember me?”

Lyrics of “Misery Remember Me”

Following this new musical atmosphere comes the electronic-pop track, “Flight From Angkor” written by Ladytron vocalist, Mira Aroyo. “Flight From Angkor” is the focus track as it represents the themes of the album: beauty, disposability and fragility of the culture that surrounds us and the exhilaration of freeing yourself from those structures. On her creative process for the track, Aroyo explains:

“The song is trying to capture a surge of endorphins, moments of tenderness that cut through the white noise of everyday life”

Ladytron Vocalist, Mira Aroyo

“We Never Went Away” is next on the queue. Like most songs from this album, the instrumentals of this song resonate with an 80’s music aesthetic. The slow pace of the lyrics drives into the immortality of the song and of Ladytron’s presence to the music scene.

Ladytron turns up the electronic-pop beats with the next track, “The Night”. The track echoes the vibes of a crazy night. Literally. Despite some of the darker lyrics, the chorus repeating, “So let’s go crazy” really urges listeners to let go of all inhibitions and feel good.

“The Dreamers” follows in the footsteps of “Flight From Angkor.” Its futuristic instrumentals continue to bring about an utopian impression. The track is about dreaming of a new and better life after destroying restrictions of the past.  

The unnamed interlude of the album has to be “Sargasso Sea,” the eighth track of the album. The somber, ominous beat and the beautiful siren-like vocals evokes a poetic sailor tale. If you’re not careful, you’ll miss the whispered vocals and its poetic message. Though it is the shortest track on the album–at three minutes and thirty seconds–it still has the same effect of all the other songs on Time’s Arrow. 

Playing next is “California.”  More somber than other tracks on the album, “California” still has a small hint of optimism for the future. Like most songs on Time’s Arrow, there is a pressing theme of moving onto new beginnings. In this song, Ladytron sings about how New York hadn’t made them happy, and they beg for California to do so instead. This track rings true to the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

The ominous steady beat of the last song, “Time’s Arrow,” makes listeners feel like they are going into a final battle. As the closing track and the title of the album, “Time’s Arrow” encapsulates the message of the album, time’s arrow must be obeyed, we only moved forward. The instrumentals drive this message to the listeners. With the echoing final words, it sends chills down the back and leaves its resounding theme.

“We must embrace the now, but always allow ourselves to dream”

Ladytron Lead Vocalist, Helen Marnie

As our review comes to a close it’s easy to acknowledge that there is a lot to take from this album, so we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

With the release of this album, Ladytron intends to do a string of shows on the West Coast, traveling to Seattle, Portland, and California. For more information on their shows and tickets, check out the links below!

Seattle: The Neptune on May 10th

Portland: Wonder Ballroom on May 11th

San Fransisco: August Hall on May 12th

Los Angeles: Brookside at The Rose Bowl on May 13th

Connect with Ladytron:

Cover Art of Time’s Arrow

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Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.
Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.

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