Meena’s “Paving” Is a Hazy Beautiful Experience

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Following in the footsteps of Kevin Shields and other forefathers of Shoegaze, Manchester-based group Meena and their newest tune, “Paving,” provides dreamy escapism indebted to the single’s beautifully warbled and all-encompassing tone. Created in contrast to the predominantly dark setting off the band’s EP “Newspapers,” “Paving” demonstrates a more poppy and forgiving mood. Presenting a new horizon for fans of the genre, this alt-rock banger manages to articulate a personality unique to itself while staying true to its roots. Wholly ethereal, here are some exciting moments showcased in the track.

Beginning without delay, chaotic blemishes pop up for a split second before being interrupted by a hazy and rich atmosphere of guitars, synth, and bass. Carried by a trap-like modular beat, the calm vocals enter the mix and hypnotize you across the song with a repeating stanza of lyrics.

Somebody get me stoned
(I love you)
I wanna float away
(I love you)
See something different
(I love you)
Nothing here has changed
(I love you)

Lyrics to “Paving” by Meena

After this point, the song progresses with similar texture throughout and seems very familiar sonically until around the 2:30 mark. From this moment, “Paving” seems to destroy itself in order to be reborn, relying on disarrayed blips of guitar notes and fuzzy bass to display the mayhem underneath tranquility. After regaining its composure, the song again does an interesting one-eighty at 3:20, providing a beat-driven breakdown full of glitchy guitar and soothing singing that progress until the ending. While simple in structure, subtleties such as the guitar work at 1:05 and the track’s ability to convey such massive sound definitely deserve recognition. As hazy as it is hopeful, “Paving” is a sonic experience you don’t want to miss.

A clever Shoegaze dream-pop hybrid, you can catch the track along with Meena’s newest EP here and here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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