Tune in with Glass Hands as They Ask: “How Do You Feel?”

Today, Indianapolis metalcore/alt-pop hybrid Glass Hands has returned with their most upbeat track yet in “How Do You Feel?”. The song was produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War, Neck Deep, The Ghost Inside) at The Audio Compound in Orlando, Florida.

Glass Hands began creating a buzz in 2016 with their debut EP Exit Letters, a prime example of technical guitar prowess that infused ambient and melodic harmonies, topped with powerful lyrics. After the full-length Dive in 2018, the band began focusing on single releases with “Reason to Stay” and “Bouquet,” the latter of which is nearing two million streams on Spotify.

“How Do You Feel?” is now available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube:

The tracks kicks into full gear immediately with a heavy guitar and explosive drums. The message of the lyrics are also made apparent early on, as it speaks of the unknown journey that comes with making changes in your life and saying goodbye to the past. The heavy emotions that come with leaving your mistakes behind are contrasted with a fast beat, cementing the uniqueness into the song and the overall intense desire of wanting to live a healthier and happier life. The chorus was the first that the band wrote before constructing the instrumental, and it goes through the painful revelations of how you feel, and that negative emotion can play a major role in steering a human life. Finally, it needs to be said that there are those who refuse to be sympathetic to noticing these feelings, and as Glass Hands say through lyrics, “don’t lie, and let the silence say goodbye.”

Glass Hands can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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