Pep Talks Proceeding Fireworks in Psyence’s “So High”

Released today, “So High” is the 2nd single from Psyence’s upcoming album L.I.F.E (Lessons in Forgetting Everything). The album was also announced today, and has a set date to be released on September 30, 2022.

Psyence began as a collaboration between schoolfriends, all from the working-class background of the Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire, West Midlands, U.K. It is an area with a strong heritage in rock, and inspired Psyence to release their debut self-titled album in 2019. The band consists of Steve Pye (guitar and lead vocals), Jay Bellingham (bass), Joe Walsh (drums), Ben Nixon (Keys) and Jamie Cartlidge (guitar and vocals). In the years of the pandemic, they turned their attention to the studio, refining and expanding their sound. They made their live return at the Shiine Festival in November 2021, and their headline return at a sold-out show at the Underground in Stoke in February 2022. 

“So High” is available for listen on Spotify and Soundcloud.

In both sound and message, “So High” perfectly highlights the adrenaline that comes with a personal pep talk. With an unforgettable drum, a low and grueling bass, and other added unique elements, the track is can remind anyone of the fast heartbeat that comes while preparing to share pleasure with another person. The song ends with triumphant whistling that follows the melody, as if the deed is going into action, and the pep talk was just enough to maintain perfect confidence. Overall, the vocal mixing is perfectly matched with the desired intensity, the energy presented is unstoppable, and truly, there is nothing in this world right now that is stopping you from experiencing Psyence’s “So High” euphoric feeling.

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