Tulsa Rapper GANG51E JUNE Drops “City Girl Summer”

This February 10, Tulsa up-and-comer GANG51E JUNE turned up the heat with “City Girl Summer”, his second single of 2023. Produced by Mook Got Them Keys and Cashflow, it follows up January’s “Kisses 2 the Sky” with a heady, upbeat track that promises to bring the South to your speakers.

The lead-in sets the tone for what’s to come, with a catchy melody that’s impossible not to groove along to. The beat picks up in a memorable hook that will have you singing along, “She say it’s a city girl summer / She say she got too many problems” before GANG51E JUNE drops into the verse. His smooth and sultry flow effortlessly rides the rhythm, delivering rhymes that are all too relatable to anyone who’s ever known a true material girl. “Don’t ask her where she getting it too, she gangsta as some gin and juice / She’ll hurt your pride, you better hide this if you got a job,” he raps melodically in a way that suggests some R&B or soul influence. The lyrics lament the plight of a girl whose ambition for luxury leads her to pursue the wrong kind of man and reject those who really care about her. The irony in the hook and the title of the track is that in her pursuit of the perfect “city girl summer,” she’ll miss out on the good things in life. It sounds like a hot summer night you could get lost in.

“It’s about how females always say it ain’t no good men left when they just go for the ones that ain’t looking for what they looking for.”


GANG51E JUNE’s anti-materialist slant in “City Girl Summer” is just one way the Oklahoma rapper is breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries. He aims to uplift his community and his fanbase by telling his story through his music. It’s not just about the message, though – this track is a smooth and danceable hit that promises to heat up the party as the weather takes a turn for the better.

Get to know GANG51E JUNE by streaming “City Girl Summer” and checking out the rest of his discography wherever you listen to music, and let Glasse know what you think.

Marcet is a Chicago-based freelance writer.
Marcet is a Chicago-based freelance writer.

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