Top Singles This Week: Your Travel Playlist

Traveling can be one of the most stressful experiences. The long lines at the airport, delayed flights, and lost luggage. As much as it can suck, there’s one thing that can always help: a new playlist. I’ve been shaping up my travel playlist as I get ready to head to California for a few weeks. Keep reading to find out some of my favorite new singles that have been added to my travel rotation!


Rising star INJI returns to us with “BORED”, another iconic single from the electro-pop singer. “BORED” follows the release of “Pretty People”, a collaboration with Dillon Francis that was released in early April. The new single also follows INJI’s three TikTok hits, with “THE ONE”, “MADELINE” and “GASLIGHT” all going viral on the platform. INJI is well known for her storytelling lyricism combined with catchy electric hooks. The young artist uses “BORED” as a message for anyone with a pessimistic attitude, creating a brutally honest track to get anyone who acts like a buzzkill to fix their attitude! Check out INJI’s TikTok account to hear snippets of songs before they’re released.

“The Chant” by Duke Dumont

One of my favorite artists, Duke Dumont, is back with “The Chant”, the eighth in a series of songs titled “For Club Play Only”. The new house song is a tribute to British rave music, making it the perfect song for dancing the night away while on vacation. The song instantly makes you feel like you’re the main character in your own movie, dancing like nobody’s watching and living in the moment. “The Chant” is Dumont’s first release of 2023, following the release of “Alter Ego”, “Let Me Dance”, and the highly celebrated “Red Light Green Light”. The new track was unveiled on the same day as the 10 year anniversary of Dumont’s “Need U (100%)” featuring A*M*E, which reached Platinum certification after immediately topping the UK charts. Duke Dumont will be touring throughout 2023, including shows in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater. Get tickets to see Duke Dumont live here.

“Top Of The Morning” by Rellyski

Florida rapper Rellyski has shared his third single of 2023 with “Top Of The Morning”. The bass and trap-heavy beat combines with Rellyski’s impressive flow to create a song perfect for driving down the highway with the windows down. The new single is an encouraging anthem mixing smooth vocals and a classic hip-hop feel, inspiring listeners to get their own bag. Rellyski launched his first single “FO’REAL” in 2020 and immediately started garnering support, grabbing the attention of the Bad Habit label and Miami New Times. Check out Rellyski’s website and Instagram account to listen to more of his music and find out about new releases!

“Casamigos” by PHABO

R&B singer-songwriter PHABO has returned with an incredibly smooth new single, “Casamigos”. Named after the tequila brand of the same name, the track details ending a situationship but realizing its importance once you’ve lost the other person. The intimate track was co-produced with Eric Hudson, who’s worked with Justin Timberlake and Whitney Houston, and Phillip C. Lewis, who’s produced for other R&B artists including H.E.R. and Doja Cat. “Casamigos” is the latest song from the Los-Angeles based artist’s upcoming album, coming later this year. The song follows the previous single “Scorpio Moon” which you can check out here.

“Alone in the Mountains” by Goth Babe

Goth Babe, the project of Griff Washburn, has released the perfect travel song with “Alone in the Mountains”. Inspired by his love for the outdoors, “Alone in the Mountains” talks about his life living as a nomad, whether it be in his old tiny home, his sailboat, or his camper van with his dog Sadie, as seen in the track’s cover art. Washburn released the song on Earth Day as a tribute to his love for the earth and conservation, even creating a petition to protect the native lands of Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada, which ended up being signed into protection by the President. The single was released ahead of Goth Babe’s LOLA tour, with stops at Chicago’s The Salt Shed and the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Get tickets to see Goth Babe live this summer here!

All of these songs are going to be great adds to your travel playlists, easing the stresses of airports and long road trips. Make sure to look out for our picks for next week’s featured top singles!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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